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We transfer our knowledge from research into joint scientific peojects with students.

Working in Projects


Seminars and projects are performed besides traditional lectures. in this context we are also using the methods of system dynamic modeling and agent based modeling which are very well suited for working with transdidsciplinary and interdisciplinary issues.  We have also long experience with virtual communication and e-leartning.  Although the infrastructure has changerd significantly over the basic concepts remained the same.  Besides technical problems of daily life like energy consumption and methos of energy production, distribution and storage we work with students also on projects with social background. 

Project Photovoltaics

Energy related questions are of central importance in projects of sustainability.  Typical examples are mobility and production of energy. The current mix of electricity produced in Switzerland  is rather poor in CO2-emissions, but the  question of nuclear energy which is considered as sustainable in many countries  is controversely discussed. There is no doubt that a massive increse of renewable energies is required. Storage of CO2 and related fuel production is also  under discussion. Knowledge about thes issues is provided in lectures and projects. Already 2000 a project was performed where students built a small solar  plant with battery storage.

Projctt Littering


Many problems in the society have a background of sustainability.  Proper handling of waste belongs to this category.  Reduction or elimination of plastic waste is equally important as a sound understanding of recycling.  As plastics contain oil as most important constituent the role of waste incineration as well as conversion into fuel remains of interest. The proble of littering in Switzerland has been investigated by student in different towns and solutions were proposed.